Elbow Grease at 1,500 Pounds Per Square Inch

Restoring Touch offers Tile and grout cleaning in Ellisville & Hattiesburg, MS

Does your grout look gray and dirty? Let Restoring Touch take care of it for you. We’ll use a truck mount system with high pressure and high heat extraction to remove dirt from your floors and make them sparkle like new again. We use a biodegradable solution to raise dirt and grime out of your grout. If your grout is too damaged for our cleaners to get it all, we will also repair and recolor it.

Call us today to schedule a grout cleaning at your Ellisville, MS and Hattiesburg, MS home or office.

Why should you clean your grout with a truck mount system?

Why should you clean your grout with a truck mount system?

At Restoring Touch, we use a high-pressure, high-heat extraction machine to clean your tile and grout. Our truck mount system operates at 1500 psi. Restoring Touch truck mount machines clean your floors:

  • Efficiently – Truck mount machines can clean around 1,000 square feet per hour.
  • Evenly – The system’s rotating head ensures even coverage.
  • Deeply – We can extract significantly more dirt and grime than the “hands and knees” scrubbing method.

Truck mount systems are more effective than any other methods to clean grout and type. Reach out to us today to schedule a cleaning for your home or office.