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Hard surface coating by Restoring Touch

How are the hard surfaces in your home or office looking? If you’re in an older building, they could probably use some improvement. Restoring Touch offers Ellisville, MS and Hattiesburg, MS property owners hard surface coating to protect their tile, metal, brick, stone and concrete surfaces. We’re the only company in Mississippi certified to apply hard surface coating, and our solution lasts for many years.

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5 places to apply hard surface coating

5 places to apply hard surface coating

You may think of hard surface coating as something you only need to do after you’ve restored old flooring, but you can use it as a preventive measure, too. Here are five places you should consider having professionally sealed:

  1. Your garage floor. Protect your floor against oil drippings from vehicles and tools.
  2. Your kitchen tile. Protect your floor against cracks, scuffs and leaks.
  3. Your shower floor. Fight mold and leaks with a protective coating.
  4. Your concrete driveway. Avoid damage from the sun with our UV-protected coating.
  5. Your brick patio. Keep your patio looking bright and spotless.

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